Riverton Community Embraces the Growth Mindset
Riverton Community Embraces the Growth Mindset
Posted on 09/07/2017
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Growth Mindset - What is it?

We used to think that our intelligence was fixed – meaning we were either smart or not. Now we know, through science, that this isn’t true. Our brain continues to change and grow each and every day the more we use it and challenge it.

When you have a fixed mindset you give up easily and avoid challenges.  When you have a growth mindset you don’t give up, you learn from feedback and go for the challenge. It’s not just about working hard and giving your best effort. It’s about believing that your brain and intelligence changes the harder you work.

At Riverton we are all about having a growth mindset. We are learning about how our brains work and how making mistakes makes the brain grow and become smarter. We praise students’ effort, persistence and creativity.

At home, remind your child that their brain is growing each and every time they try something and not to give up when it’s difficult. Each time he/she learns something new, his/her brain is making new connections. Praise effort and encourage your child to make mistakes. Mistakes grow the brain! If they say it’s too hard, say, “You can’t do it yet, but keep trying!”