Civil Rights Team Continues its Work at Riverton this Fall
Riverton Civil Rights Team
Posted on 10/12/2017
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Riverton Civil Rights Team


The Riverton Civil Rights Team was started in 2013, and is the first elementary school in Portland to have a team.  Our Civil Rights Team is an affiliate of the Civil Rights Team Project, which is run through the State Attorney General’s office.  The philosophy and description of the work of the statewide Civil Rights Team Project is:


The Attorney General administers the Civil Rights Team Project, a school-based preventative program. The mission of the Civil Rights Team Project (CRTP) is to increase the safety of elementary, middle level, and high school students by reducing bias-motivated behaviors and harassment in our schools.


The CRTP accomplishes this by supporting student civil rights teams in our schools. The CRTP and the student civil rights teams are active in identifying and addressing issues of bias in our school communities, especially those related to:

Race and color, National origin and ancestry, Religion, Physical and mental disabilities, Gender, and Orientation.

We believe that bias-based behaviors are especially damaging to targeted individuals and create a hostile school climate that is not conducive to learning. Because of their unique nature, bias-based behaviors warrant specific preventative efforts.

The Riverton CRT does this work through activities with age appropriate content such as Civil Rights Readers (team members go to younger classrooms to read children’s book with anti-bias themes and have follow up discussions about the books with the children), creating signage promoting an inclusive school environment (check out our new sign in the school’s entry area!), and many other fun and enriching activities that promote a school climate when anyone and everyone feels welcome.