Portland Symphony Orchestra Performs at Riverton!
Portland Symphony Orchestra Performs at Riverton
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The Portland Symphony Orchestra came to Riverton on our first day back after vacation. This kinderkonzert was paid for by the Culture Club at the school.  A different instrument family performs each year so hopefully students see most of the families during their early elementary years. The string instrument performers from the PSO happened just after the culmination of the 2nd grade project with Maine author, Steven Costanza during which the students learned about the string family and the connection between music and literary arts. 

As the music was played, an actress dramatically told the story of Abbie Burgess, a Maine Heroine, who in 1856, kept the Matinicus Lighthouses lit during a terrible storm.  The actress, combined with the music, was told with such drama and suspense, the children were on the edge of their seats throughout the performance. If you would like to read more about Abbie Burgess with your child, here is a great link.

Lighthouse 1

Lighthouse 2