Civil Rights Week Events 2017
Riverton Elementary School Civil Rights Team Celebration Week!
Posted on 02/12/2017
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Riverton Elementary School Civil Rights Team Celebration Week!  February 13, 2017- February 17th, 2017
A week dedicated to highlighting concepts of anti-bias messages, navigating adversity, inclusion, and community.
The Riverton Civil Rights Team is comprised of thirty-five 5th grade students and five adults.  We have been working hard all year to learn about and share thoughts on anti-bias, acceptance, navigating adversity, and being proud of who we are.  Examples of ways we do this are through artwork, reading books to younger students with anti-bias themes, exploring the rich cultural diversity of our school, and many other ways, too!

On Monday February 13th we will welcome a panel of Portland Professionals.  Check out his line up! These inspiring Portlanders will share their experiences with the students.

Pious Ali, Portland City Council and Community Activist

Pious Ali

Edwige Charlot, Strategist and Designer at Creative Approach Company

Judicaelle Irakoze, Entrepreneur

Kathryn Phelan, Portland Police Department
Portland Police Department

Michael Hiltz, RN, Psychiatric-Mental Health Nurse Practitioner

Tuesday February 14th, the Civil Rights Week Events Continue with a visit from  Local street artist, Pigeon, will talk with students about his artwork, his “Mainer” project, and how they tie into concepts of anti-biased messaging and belonging.  
Check out his website:

Also Happening on Tuesday:  *Civil Rights Team Visit to Ms. Christine’s Pre-K class and Miss Jen's Pre-k Class-  Civil Rights Team members will read “The Family Book” and “It’s Ok to be Different” (both by Todd Parr) to the Pre-K students and then will coordinate an activity where the younger students share special things about their families. 
 Todd Parr Book

Wednesday 2/15:

*Visiting artist Pigeon works with Civil Rights Team members to create an artwork project that will be put on display at Riverton School.  The finished product will be unveiled at the assembly on Friday.

Thursday 2/16:

*Civil Rights Team members visit Ms. Betsy’s Bridge Program class to do a ‘this is who I am’ art activity with students.  The finished product will be presented at the all school assembly on Friday and put up on display in the school.  12:30

*Mother Language Readings!  Not only is this an opportunity for students to hear books read in their mother language, but it is a chance for other students to have the experience of hearing a book read in a language in which they are not familiar.  For all grades. 

                  1:00- Spanish with Mr. Murphy

                  1:30- Somali with Mr. Hassan

                  2:15- Vietnamese with Ms. Muoi

Friday: 2/17

*All school Riverton Celebration Assembly!  9:00 AM

*Mother Language Readings! (see description above)

                  1:00- French with Ms. Sirois

                  1:30- Cambodian with Ms. Simone

                  2:15- Arabic with Ms. Bakhita

Thanks to Amanda Atkinson-Lewis and the Mentor Teachers of the Civil Rights Team for all of their work to bring a vision of inclusivity to Riverton School.  You are amazing!