Meet Ms. Hanna, Riverton's New Principal!
Meet Ms. Hanna, Riverton's New Principal!
Posted on 08/28/2017
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On July 25th, a group of 4th graders met to get to know our new Riverton Principal.  Ms. Malloy chose 3 outstanding Learning Works students to select questions and interview Ms. Hanna. The students took notes during the interview to capture Ms. Hanna’s responses and here is what we learned! 


Aiesha:  Why did you decide to come to Riverton and why do you want to be the Principal?


Ms. Hanna: I always wanted to help schools be the best they could be.  I used to be a classroom teacher, then a literacy coach, then an Assistant Principal. When I saw that Ms. Malia was retiring, I decided to apply.  Riverton School is already a great school but I can’t wait to help it to be even better!


Aiesha: Where were you born and where did you grow up?


Ms. Hanna:  I was born in upstate New York in the Albany area.  I moved to Bangor when I was 12 years old because my dad got a job at The University of Maine. 


Tho:  Who was your favorite teacher in elementary school?  Why? 


Ms. Hanna: My favorite teacher in elementary school was Mrs. Neville, my 4th grade teacher.  She always made learning fun.  She made a point of getting to know each child.  I was shy and she made me feel welcome.  She also let kids read whenever they wanted, which I loved to do!


Tho:  You have been given an elephant.  You can’t give it away or sell it.  What would you do with the elephant?


Ms. Hanna: I would want to learn to ride the elephant and take it for walks on the beach!  I would learn how to take care of it, keep it clean and happy.  If it was sad, I would try to find a second elephant to keep it company.


Trieu:  We finish this interview and you step outside this office and find a lottery ticket that ends up winning $10 million dollars. What would you do?


Ms. Hanna: I would be so excited I would jump up and down!   I would spend all the money on making Riverton to make it so special!  I would improve the school with new paint, windows, and new furniture.  Then I would get all new technology; I pads, computers, and chrome books.  Then I would move on to the outdoors and make the playground bigger with new equipment.  I would build a pond in the back so we could learn about pond animals in the spring and the fall and ice skate on the pond in the winter.  I would buy new busses so we could use the ocean, farms, and other places in the community to learn.  We would also use the busses to take a school trip to Funtown!  I would give all of the teachers a raise.  Finally, I would get a new sign for the road that was digital and the messages could be in English and translated into other languages!


Trieu: If you were not Principal at Riverton School. Is there any other job that would be your dream job?


Ms. Hanna: Actually, being Principal is my dream job!  I can’t wait for school to start!  If I were not Principal, I would volunteer where I can read to kids.  I would read at hospitals to sick children or read at schools to any child who wanted to hear a story.



Thank you Ms. Hanna for participating in this interview!  Welcome to Riverton School!