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3rd Grade Writing


Dear Families, 

We are excited about our new keyboarding curriculum, Keyboarding Without Tears®. It was created by Handwriting Without Tears®, a company that has received the Distinguished Achievement Award for the best children’s curriculum as well as a Teacher’s Choice Award from Learning Magazine. This keyboarding curriculum develops pre-keyboarding skills (e.g., target practice, clicking skills, drag/drop skills) as well as digital citizenship, digital literacy, and touch typing. Keyboarding and handwriting are essential to student success with written work, and are essential lifelong skills that develop through proper instruction. The key is to teach developmentally, according to what students are ready to master at different levels. The lessons and activities make learning keyboarding a positive experience for children in just 5–10 minutes a day. The curriculum uses rich and varied activities to teach keyboarding skills along with capitalization and punctuation practice, word and sentence practice, and common keyboarding and computer functions. Lessons include multisensory elements and can be easily connected to other subjects. We believe your child will enjoy using our curriculum and are excited to have you help bring it to life for success. 


Mr. Ramsdell