Ms. Malloy

All my students will gain confidence, proficiency in their own science ability by using the four strands of science learning and Next Generation Science Standards. To teach students to participate, I will encourage class wide discussion about scientific standards prior to a new lesson and again at the end, making all science lessons inquiry based and cognitive. I want to see confidence in my student’s students’ ability to problem solve while exploring science.  Help them develop scientific language that aligns with Next Generation Science Standards. Promote their logic and scientific problem solving by creating inquiry based lesson plans that fosters skills showing they understand scientific explanations. I will develop an atmosphere for my students to be inquisitive, fully engaged and I will also encourage reflection on scientific knowledge as it emerges. I will make adaptations to the curriculum so that it connects with their other subjects, allowing them to make connections with real life situations, interpret interrelations and scientific explanations. I want to see a candid connection with my students and science, as they participate within the scientific community. I will elevate students own thought processes as they problem solve and become aware of their own scientific understanding. To ensure proficiency and confidence I will set expectations that demand my students extend, refine and revise their own scientific understanding.

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