Unit 4 - The World of Color

Unit 4 is called "The World of Color".
  This is an amazing unit, full of MANY experiments relating to color.  Many of our favorite activities from this unit are: 

  • Experimenting to see how color fades from clothing by repeated washing.  
  • Experimenting to see how color fades from paper by hanging paper in our classroom window and noting our observations.
  • We discuss how foods get their colors and flavors and culminate the unit by making our own ice cream flavored by strawberries and blueberries.
  • We used the pipettes to inject food color into balls of play dough to tint the play dough balls. Children observe how the play dough changes color as they knead the dough.  
    Books we read in this unit are:                                   

 lion lrbdear juno 
Max's Dragon Shirt

         Dogs colorful day 

Children use a flannel board with felt pieces to retell the story of "Dog."  The children also write their own story of dog!

dog retelling
Other books we read are:
Little Blue and Little Yellow      Red