Unit 2 Friends

Welcome to Unit 2: Friends

We start this unit with The Little Red Hen Makes a Pizza.  Her friends Duck, Dog, and Cat do not help her to make a pizza but they surely help to eat it!  The children have been busy this week making pizzas at the art easel, washing dishes in the water table and writing. Making books has been the activity of the week with children illustrating and teachers taking dictation.  Letter writing to the children in Jen’s class is also a favorite activity.

We made our own paper pizzas on display in the classroom. 

We also read Letter to Amy, our third Ezra Jack Keats Book. The children are getting familiar with Peter and all of his adventures.  In this story, Peter and Amy, his best friend, have a misunderstanding.

We wanted to let parents know about Second Step. This is a curriculum in which we do lessons 2-3 times per week.  We act out simple skits with the puppets and we discuss ways to stay focused, ask for what we need and want, following directions, using “self talk” to stay focused, etc.  This program has been used in the Portland Public Pre-K's and throughout the district to teach social and emotional development and awareness.  Here are a few of the picture cards and the puppets.  The puppets in Christine’s class are named Shiro and Charles.  In Jen’s class they are named Chachi and Shirley, (although they are the same puppets!!!!)


Thank you to all of the parents that helped the children make their own pizzas and stayed to cook them!  At lunch time, the children ate their creations!! 

Making and Eating! Before making the pizzas we discussed the procedure and I demonstrated the making of an english muffin pizza. We try to expose Pre-K children to procedural writing.  Procedural writing is part of the Kindergarten curriculum.  Jen and I use cooking projects (and how to make a paper airplane) to introduce procedure.

Other books we are reading:


We have also been reading Road Builders and discussing teamwork.  The materials in the sand table have been EXTREMELY popular!


Thank you all for your participation in the parent conferences.  It is great to get to chat with you all one on one and to be able to celebrate your children.



Making play dough pizzas  playdough pizza1playdough pizza3building roadsroad builders 2turn and talk