Unit 3 Wind and Water

Parents,  Here are the two books we are reading to start Unit 3.  We prompted the children at the beginning of the unit to see what they knew about the topic being studied.

                                    wind and water
The first two books of the unit are Gilberto and the Wind and One Dark Night.
Gilberto and the Wind is about a little boy who alternately likes or does not like the wind.  At one point, he is happy because he watches his balloon floating in the wind, however, on the next page, the balloon is yanked out of his hand!

                                        Gilberto and the wind

One Dark Night is about a storm and a stray cat who finds a safe place for her kittens.   
                                 One Dark Night

A few activities in the classroom  are inspired by Gilberto and the Wind.  The children have been hanging wash in the dramatic play area, painting pictures of Gilberto and his adventures, and building pastures for the animals.        

Clothesline 1          Clothesline2

We are painting at the easel using colors from Gilberto and the Wind.  In the water table we have sailboats that the children are moving by blowing through straws and directing the air.

making boats move

In the story Gilberto and the Wind, there was a toy sail boat sailing on a pond. Here the students are using boats and building their own bridges and ponds to sail their boats around. 
                      block building

Minerva Louise is a funny hen that has many misunderstandings!  We have been excited to read a few more Minerva Louise books this week.  The humor of the Minerva Louise books is just right for the 4 and 5 year olds!
Minerva louise truck               a hat for minerva                                               minerva louise and school
Going on  a Bear Hunt

Recently we read a book Going on a Bear Hunt by Michael Rosen.   It is part of our math curriculum and there is a song that goes along with it as well.  With props like back packs, binoculars, flashlights and of course bears, the children acted out the story. Using the book, the students would go through the adventure and pretend they found a bear in a cave.  Many bears were discovered in area of Riverton School recently, so beware!

Book Writing

This year the students have been writing books. They are learning how a story works and they are making their own books.  Some students are drawing books with just illustrations, some are beginning to add letters to their writing and some are beginning to sound out words as they write. They are learning about many styles of books like wordless picture books, number and alphabet books as well as traditional story books. We have many new authors in Pre K this year. 


We have been busy reading books about Snow. We read The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats.  Then we woke up on Wednesday morning and discovered all this new snow outside our windows, just like Peter in the book we read.   We have been doing snow projects in the classroom and even put some snow in our water table so we could play with it.

We have been experimenting with thermometers to see the temperature of water fall and rise.  This lent itself to talking about keeping things cold with insulation.  Jen and I brought in a cooler and we placed ice cubes to illustrate the the fact that if the ice is insulated, it melts slower.