Ms. Pons
                      ms. pons

Welcome to Room 101!
Here you will find updates and announcements from our first grade class. 

Homework in Room 101

Here's what we are currently working on:

Routines: In the first few weeks of first grade, we practice our classroom routines and procedures including:
* Walking in the halls
* Sitting on the rug appropriately
* Using the bathrooms
* Getting their mail
* Using the playground
...........and more!

Reading: Unit 1: Readers Build Good Habits
Handling books gently
Establishing a love for books
Learning to find "just right" books
Building independent reading stamina

Writing: Unit 1: Launching Writing Workshop
Establishing a love for writing
Finding ideas to write about
Write letters for every sound heard in a word

Math:  We will begin this year by reviewing Kindergarten math skills and then jump into the First Grade curriculum!