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May 31st , 2017

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Issue- 13
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Dear Parents,

            We are learning so much as we continue to finish up the school year! I cannot believe how fast time is going by. Everyone is making huge gains in their reading. I am so proud of them . We are growing so much and it is important to keep building our Stamina.

In math, we have been studying two and three -dimensional shapes. First, children classified blocks by their shape, size and color. Then they learned to recognize attributes such as; number of sides, and square corners. Students have built their own shapes out of straws and twist-ties; identifying the differences among shapes that are polygons and shapes that are not.

As the unit progresses students have begun working with 3-dimensional shapes they encounter everyday. 

In writing we are finishing our All about unit. We will celebrate students published pieces on Friday! Our last unit in writing will be poetry. Student’s wills read about and create several different kinds

Lastly, we will be going to Gray Animal Farm on Tuesday June 6th. We will leave school at 9:15 and arrive back at school by 1:30.  Lastly, thank you parents for sending in permission slips with 5$. The 5$ covers the cost of admission for this Field Trip. Bagged lunches will be provided with juice.

Because students will be doing lots of walking I recommended comfortable shoes
. Also, we will not be going to gift shops. If you want to send your child in with quarters to feed the animals that would be great.  If you would like to chaperone please email me. It is a fun field trip!

Have a lovely week.

Ms. Nichols

Ask Me About  
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  • Books that I have been reading
    • Who is the main character in the books I am reading
    • What are some character traits (talk about their personality)?
    • Have me tell you about fractions (we will be using graham crackers to teach us on Tuesday).  
    • Sharing the new polygon song we are singing:
    • What is a Polygon?
      • Shapes that have at least three corners and are closed shapes
    • Have me tell you the vertices in a triangle (vertices are another name for corners. We are practicing this)
    • Have be tell you how many straight lines are in a Octagon
      • 8 lines and 8 vertices
    • What is an attribute? What is a non-defining attribute?
      • We are studying these new terms—Attribute that all triangles have 3 sides and 3 vertices or all Hexagons have 6 sides and 6 vertices. Every shape has the same corners and sides.
      • Non-defining attribute is the color and size. This makes the shapes different. 

Important Class Information :

We have a  Donors-Choose project up- Every dollar is matched –

Field Trip in June will be Gray Animals Farm. Cost will be 5 $ per-student. Keep an eye out for permission slips.

Field Day will be June 19

6/22 Last day of school – This will be a half day .

7/10-ESY programs begin (Kindergarten Jump Start, Title One A, Title One B, special education ) programs and Learningworks . 

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All Homework is due by Friday

1. Reading log. * Due Friday* 10 minutes daily

2. Math: Fact Family Practice 

3. Language – Word Work Practice    


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