Unit 4 - The World of Color

Unit 4 has begun!  This Unit is called "The World of Color".  This is a fun unit where we conduct MANY experiments relating to color.  This week we did an experiment to see how color fades from clothing by repeated washing.  Using a batik tablecloth, the children were able to see how color bleeds from fabric into the wash water.  In this way, little by little, the fabric fades.  We will be starting an experiment this week that will run for the next few weeks to see how light causes colored paper to fade.    
Books we read this week:    

Max's Dragon Shirt         Dogs colorful day

We used the pipettes to inject food color into balls of play dough to tint the play dough balls! There is never a dull moment in this unit.

Tinting Playdough    Nour's Playdough

We were also grateful to continue our partnership with Maine Audubon.  They have an outreach Early Childhood Nature Education program. Molly, one of their amazing educators comes to our classrooms to share a concept about nature.  We look forward to having Molly come next week.

Other color stories we have read:

Little Blue and Little Yellow      Red