Ms. Lyle


Hello students and families!  
My name is Ms. Lyle and I am one of the 4th grade teachers.  My homeroom is #603 in pod 6.  During homeroom time we learn about how to handle strong emotions and solve problems through the 2nd Step curriculum.  For the rest of the day I teach math to all of the 4th grade students.  

In math we are currently learning about multi-digit multiplication.  Throughout this unit we will learn multiple methods for multiplying two digit by one digit numbers as well as two digit by two digit numbers.  Some of these methods are partial products, lattice, and partitioned rectangles. We will also practice converting liters to milliliters and grams to kilograms.  As we work through number stories students will practice assessing the reasonableness of their answers as well. You can click here to access the family and read more about Unit 4.