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Dear Parents,

I cannot believe we are in the second week of March is this week! I am hoping spring is right around the corner. Last week, we began a new unit in math.  In this unit students will be focusing on fact families, telling-time, adding 3 numbers, and subtraction review.

 In reading we will begin a new character unit this week. Students will be  ‘Getting to know charters in their books’. As children note the things characters do, surmise the kinds of people they are, and track how characters’ feelings change across stories, they will be asking and answering questions about key details in the stories they read! 

Students have done a fantastic job in writing! Congratulations to your first grade author!  Students published and celebrated their amazing Persuasive writing pieces on Friday.  Please check out their work on our class bulletin board the next time you are at school.  Ask your child, what does it mean to be persuasive?  What is the difference between a fact and an opinion?     

This week students will begin working on writing fiction and creating a series.  Children love to tell you imagined stories and it’s amazing to hear the tension and drama they create as storytellers. 

Children get excited to  “make things up” and to have their stories still sound believable.  We will be generating ideas this week to get students to begin the task of using our pretending skills to invent characters and Small Moment adventures.  This is an exciting unit and ties in very nicely with our realistic fiction-reading unit. 

Lastly, please send back conference forms as soon as you can. Teachers try to get the times closet to your request. If you are unable to make the conference, I would be happy to have a phone conference with you.

Thank you parents!


Kind Regards,

Ms. Nichols 

Important Class Information:

March 30th  – Will be a ½ day. Conferences begin 
 March 31st - Will be a ½ day for conferences. 

Students will go be dismissed at noon on March 30
th and March 31st. If you cannot make conferences please call or email and I can reschedule your conference time.



Ask me about
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Icon.png 

    • The character I am writing about.

      Have me tell you about what my character likes to do. Ask me about the stories I have written about so far.

    • Our character puppets we made. We used them to help us write our first fiction story.
    • What is a series? Have me tell you about some of the books we have read about in class. Was the problem solved?
    • Have me tell you about a character I am reading about in my book box.
    • While reading have me describe the characters feelings. 



  • I can tell time to the nearest hour
  • Adding 3 numbers – example- 17+5+3=
  • ________+___________= 10 – this week students will be creating addition problems that = 10.  9+1=10 and 10+0=10.  Students will be generating a list of other problems.
  • Students will be using doubles to help them solve other mathematical problems.
    • Example: 9+9= 18 so 9+10= 19.
    • This strategy helps students when adding and subtracting.
    • Great YOUTUBE Vide for learning Doubles:  Double Number Song



All Homework is Due Friday

1. Reading log. * Due Friday* 10 minutes daily

2. Math: Practice

3. Language – digraph work

4. Reading - Send in reading bag daily. 


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