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 Issue: 9

Dear Parents, 

 I hope you had a great weekend and Happy February! We have a lot of fun actives coming up in the next two weeks.  Students will be decorating their Valentines Day Keepsake Bag on Friday. It is so exciting that the 100th day of school falls on Valentines Day! We will be having a class party celebrating the 100th day of school and Valentines Day on Tuesday February 14th. On the 14th students will be sharing their 100 items from their project with the class. It will be exciting for them to share. We will also be doing an activity using 100 Cheerios!  

Next week students will begin publishing their final persuasive writing pieces. Students have been learning about opinion writing and its importance.  I tell my writers that opinion writer’s support their writings with reasons, not just one, but detailed, and specific observations.  They have been writing pieces that convince and persuade their reader why this is the BestWe will publish next Wednesday and Thursday.   

In reading students have been asked; how can I find ways to get through the hard parts in books, all on my own, so that I can be in charge of my reading?

Students are continuing to learn strategies that help readers can be their own teachers, working hard to figure out the tricky words and parts in books.

Lastly, we will be going on our ice skating field trip this Friday. There will be several staff members there to help children with putting on and taking off their ice skates.

There will also be a skating instructor there to help students learn how to skate. We will be leaving for the field trip at 9:45 and will return by noon for lunch. If possible could you please send your child into school on Friday with and extra pair of socks, snow pants, hat, gloves and coat.

If your child does not have snow pants could you please send in an extra pair of pants? Thank you parents for all you help! They will be excited to share their ice skating adventures with you on Friday!


Kind regards,


Ms. Nichols 

Important Class Information:

  1. Valentines Day and the 100th day of school Celebration will be on Tuesday February 14th at 1:15.
  2. 100th day Projects sharing will be on February 14th at 12:30.
  3. February Vacation will be the week of Monday February 20th 



Ask me about

  • Have me tell you about what I have been writing about.
  •        In my writing I am working on Punctuation, Capitalization, finger spaces, and spelling. What my favorite choice time activity is. Make sure when I am telling you I am giving reasons (in writing students are giving 3 reasons why it is the best) -
  •  Ask me about the new books we have been reading in our classroom library.
  • The sound patterns of long O and short o and have been tell you about long U and short u. You can watch all the vowel songs on -
  • How to word solve. If something is difficult in my book, how do I use all that I know to figure it out?
  • Ask me about Flippy Dolphin and (A strategy in reading that has students flipping vowel sounds to solve trick words) 



We will be finishing up Unit 5 next week! Students will be given a test on 2/16. This is what we will be working on:

  • Using addition and subtraction to solve "What's My Rule?" problems
  • Using Greater than and Less than symbols
  • Finding and describing the rules in "What's My Rule?" problems.
  • Counting forward and backward from a given number.
  • Writing number sentences using symbols.
  • Solving problems involving the addition or subtraction of whole numbers


All Homework is Due by Friday

1. Reading log. * Due Friday* 10 minutes daily * Practice makes perfect* Send in reading bag daily.

2. Math: Packet 

3. Word Work – Vowel Practice  

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