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The First Grade Buzz - Issue 8 

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January 17th, 2017 

Dear Parents,

            I hope you all enjoyed the long weekend. We have had an exciting start to the New Year. Last week, students learned about the experiment called making a bouncing egg!  If you put eggs into a closed container with vinegar the vinegar will dissolve the eggshell. This happens because vinegar contains an acid called acetic acid, which reacts with the high calcium content of the eggshell.

It was an exciting experiment as children were able to observe their eggs change over the course of several days. Students took notes, sketched and labeled their observations.  We are beginning our next unit this week called ‘writing reviews’. Our next unit in writing will involve persuasive pieces. Students will be learning about opinion writing and its importance.

It is going to be a fun unit. I tell my writers that opinion writer’s support their writings with reasons, not just one, but detailed, and specific observations. I will have them think about their favorite book, hair-band, baseball card or newest toy. Why did they want it? Did a friend tell them about it?  They will begin writing pieces that convince and persuade their reader why this is the Best 

  In reading we will also begin a new unit of study at the end of the week as well. Students will be asked; how can I find ways to get through the hard parts in books, all on my own, so that I can be in charge of my reading?  ‘ Readers have Big Jobs To Do’ gives students tools in solving tricky words and building comprehension.  

When readers come to new words, they think about what is happening in the book and make a smart guess about what the word could mean. They can even replace the word in their minds with a word it might be close to. They take their best guess about what the word could mean and then they keep going.  They can even write the word on a sticky note to check their thinking with someone at a later time. 

Have a great week!  

 Ms. Nichols 


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In Unit 5, children will begin to explore the system we use for writing large numbers by focusing on the idea of place value For example, in the number 72, 7 ‘s in the tens place, so there are “7 tens,” and 2 is in the ones place, so there are “2 ones.” Children will use base-10 blocks to represent numbers and to find the sums of two numbers. They will also use place value to determine “greater than” and “less than” relationships.

  • How many days have we been in school?
  • We will be having a celebration on the 100th day of school in mid-February  

Important Class Information:
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We will be having a classroom celebration on the 100th day of school be on the look out for a letter about are 100 day actives! We should hit the 100th day in February.


We will have a Valentines Day celebration on 2-14.

I will be sending home a list of student’s names in the next two weeks for Valentine Day cards. 

Ask Me About: 

  • What day did the eggs bounce? Have me tell you about what happened.
  • My science observation- Have me tell you what the egg felt like- what I noticed- what happened to the shell-
  • Annie and Snowball – A new series we are reading about in our class
  • Place value – have me show you the ones place and tens place in a number like 82.  We are beginning place value this week. 
  • The /i/ vowel - We will begin learning about long and short I this week. 



All Homework is due by Friday

1. Reading log. * Due Friday* 10 minutes daily

2. Math: Packet 

3. Language Arts- Word Work Packet  

4. Reading - Send in reading bag daily. 




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