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4. 24. 2017

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Issue- 12 
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Dear Parents,

             I hope you had a wonderful break ! It was a wet vacation but hoping for more sunshine for the month of May.  I cannot believe how fast time is going by. It is important for children to continue with homework and daily reading.  We are growing so much and it is important to keep building our Stamina.

In reading we are working on our non-fiction unit and practicing reading to self. When students finish first grade we want them to be ‘reading to self’ by 40 minutes. We are also working on partner reading. Students are reading together  learning about what non –fiction is  and about non-fiction text features.  This unit is called Reading Across Genres.  This unit focuses on getting students interested in a topic and get better at learning by reading many different lots of different kinds of books. 

  We will first focus on Making Sense of All Kinds of Texts. The first thing readers do when they begin a new book is to look through the pages and pictures to figure out what kind of text it is. Is it a poem? Is it fiction? Is it informational? Is it a mix of more than one kind of text? They can tell that it is fiction if something appears to be happening to a bunch of characters. They can tell that it’s nonfiction if it seems to be teaching them all about a topic. They can tell that it’s a poem if it is on the short side and has just a few words on a line.

 In Bend II, Reading and Learning about a Topic through Language students will be looking at non-fiction books. When there are important words and phrases in the texts that I read, how can I get better at using them to as I think and talk? The last bend students will be Learning about Information by Comparing and Contrasting.

  Lastly, we will be going to see Elephant and Piggy on May 8th. Please send in the field trip form as soon as you can.  Because the show is sold out we will be unable to take parent volunteers. However, we would love to have you for our final field trip to Gray Animal Farm.

  Our final field trip will be Gray Animal Farm. I will be sending home a permission slip in the next two weeks for the Gray Animal Farm. Because of admission for this Field Trip, there will be a 5 $ cost per student. I will send home envelopes with each permission slip. Please send in 5 $ for the Gray Animal Farm with the permission slip. 

Have a great week!

Ms. Nichols 

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In Unit 7, children continue to work on addition and subtraction fact fluency. They begin by looking at fact families, which show related addition and subtraction facts. Children practice facts with Fact Triangles and through games. They also explore and compare strategies for subtracting. They solve “What’s My Rule?” problems that require adding and subtracting to complete number patterns.

This week students will be learning about Geometry! Students will be exploring the attributes (size, color, number of sides, number of vertices, thickness) of shapes this week. In this unit, children continue to tell time to the nearest hour on an analog clock (using hour and minute hands) and on a digital clock. In Unit 8, they will start telling time to the half hour. We will begin unit 8 next week. 

Important Class Information and Wish List:

Elephant and Piggy field trip forms due back- We go May 8th

If you are able to donate number a pack of pencils or a pack of post-its (for students stops and jots) that would be greatly appreciated! Thank you Parents for all your support! 

Gray Animal Farm Field Trip- Tuesday June 6th – Forms will go home in 2 weeks –Cost is 5$

Ask me about
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  • The series I wrote in my fiction writing
    • Who are the main characters?
    • Where does the story take place ?
      • We celebrated and published our  pieces before  break.
  • Ask me about a non- fiction text feature
    • What is a label and a heading?
    • How do they help me understand non-fiction books?
  • Ask me about the shapes we learned about in class
    • Rhombus  - Hexagon-Octagon
  • Have me tell you about New Learning I find in non-fiction * New Learning is New Facts*
  • What is a number model (7+8=15)
    • How do doubles help with adding and subtraction
    • I can show you all the doubles I know

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All Homework is due by Friday

1. Reading log. * Due Friday* 10 minutes daily

2. Math: Fact Family Practice 

3. Language – Word Work Practice    


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